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If you are an expecting mother and looking forward to your baby’s arrival anytime soon then you have landed at the right place. Check out 5 simple yoga poses shared by grandmaster Akshar to relieve anxiety and stress before going into labour.

5 Yoga poses to relieve anxiety before going into labour shared by Yoga Expert Akshar

An expecting mother can develop severe stress issues and anxiety due to several reasons. After going through multiple hormonal changes and mood swings, it is finally time to endure the pain and deliver the baby successfully. The anxiety that goes through women who are expecting is one of concern. Hence, it is important to cure anxiety and stress levels in expecting mothers for healthy labour with much ease and less pain.

During pregnancy and at the time of labour, women experience a lot of bodily discomforts and mental anxiety. The pain that they anticipate during childbirth can cause a sense of panic and worry for soon-to-be mothers. This is a common occurrence and almost all women experience this. There are a few ways that you can counter this, especially with the help of yogic techniques of gentle asanas, breathing techniques and meditation. Yoga asanas stretch the body which also helps you balance yourself mentally. Having a soothing and peaceful environment can be the first step to reducing anxiety. Have people around you who understand what you are going through and your body’s limitations. 

The yogic techniques include practices of asanas, pranayama and meditation exercises. Done individually or as a combination, they can reduce anxiety and help women stay calm during pregnancy and in labour.

1. Baddha Konasana

Begin by assuming Dandasana. Fold your legs and bring the soles of your feet together. Pull your heels closer to your pelvis. Gently push your knees down. Empty air from your stomach and hold the posture for 15-20 seconds.

2. Vajrasana

Drop your knees on a soft surface gently, and place your pelvis on your heels. Press your thighs into your calf muscles. Place your palms facing upward on your knees. Straighten your back and look forward. Hold this pose for as long as possible. 

3. Sukhasana

Sit with your back straight and fold both legs to come into a cross-legged pose. This is Sukhasana, place your palms on your knees in Prapthi Mudra. 

4. Vrikshasana

Begin n Samasthithi. Start with your right leg lifting it off the floor and balance your body weight on your left leg, place your right foot on your lift inner thigh. Place it as close to your pelvis as possible. You may support your foot with your palms to bring it in place. Balance and join your palms in Pranam Mudra at your heart chakra. Focus your gaze forward. Repeat the same with the alternate leg. This should be done only if you have prior experience with yoga asanas.

5. Ardha Prasarita Padasana

Spread your feet wide and toes pointing inward. Keep your knees straight and bend half down staying parallel to the floor. You may place palms down under your shoulders. The back should be kept as straight as possible. This should be done only if you have prior experience with yoga asanas.

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