Ainsley Rodriguez Sizzles In Bright Pink Yoga Shorts For A Core-Blasting Workout | The Inquisitr


Social media star Ainsley Rodriguez wowed her 2 million Instagram followers yet again after posting a series of new exercise videos where she showed off her washboard abs while wearing tiny pink yoga shorts.

Rodriguez, who founded her own personal training business, has consistently posted grueling workouts on her social media feeds during the pandemic in order to encourage fans not to fall prey to the “quarantine 15.” This week, the fitness routine focused on leg and core exercises.

For the occasion, Rodriguez wore a black sports bra from Alo Yoga. It was a classic style, with a deep scooped neckline that gave viewers a generous view of her décolletage. The dark hue highlighted the Miami-based beauty’s tanned skin, and the name of the label was printed in white letters in the center of the bust.

Rodriguez coupled the look with a pair of tiny gym shorts. They were a bright pink shade which added a fun pop of color to the upload, especially in contrast to the royal blue yoga mat beneath her. The fabric of the shorts was a spandex-like material which ably hugged her toned figure.

Rodriguez kept the rest of the look simple, with her long brunette locks styled into a practical ponytail. She opted for just a couple of accessories, including a pair of stud earrings and a chain bracelet.

The Instagram star then demonstrated the workout to her followers. The first exercise consisted of mountain climbers, which she performed for 45 seconds. Next came curtsy lunges, followed by glute bridges.

The fourth exercise consisted of both a front and back lunge, and the fifth was a plank where she alternated the weight-baring hand. The last exercise was a difficult core-focused pull through.

All the exercises used a hand towel, which Rodriguez either placed under her feet to reduce friction or used as a tool to complete the moves.

Fans went wild over the latest update, and awarded the post over 15,000 likes and more than 420 comments.

“Girl you are on fire with your home workout,” gushed one impressed fan, adding a plethora of emoji such as fire symbols and hearts to emphasize the compliment.

“You look amazing,” raved a second, along with a heart-eye emoji.

“Working out and cleaning the floor at the same time!” teased a third, adding a thumbs up symbol.

“Love you,” proclaimed a fourth.

Previously, Rodriguez had demonstrated a glute-focused routine while wearing a tiny strapless swim set, as was previously covered by The Inquisitr.