Downtown yoga studio closes after 10 years due to pandemic | – WISC-TV3


Courtesy of jojomelons/Flickr

MADISON, Wis. — A yoga studio in downtown Madison is closing its doors for good after 10 years because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Studio, located at in the 600 block of Williamson Street, made the announcement in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

“Although this is not ending as we had hoped, we want to focus instead on the brightest side…that we all came together and created something stunning for a decade,” the post reads. “So many lives touched, inspired, and changed. Instead of being sad that it is over, let our hearts swell with joy that The Studio happened. We are so, so happy that it happened.”

According to the post, the pandemic took a harsh economic toll on The Studio. The post also pointed out that despite the vaccine rollout, business owners haven’t been able to find a clear path forward that keeps public health at the forefront.

That, combined with the fact the building’s landlord signed a new lease with a different business, ultimately forced the business to close.