Mom wants to meditate, but her little girl has some other ideas. Watch cute video – it s viral | Hindustan Times


A video of a mother trying to meditate and her little daughter who seems determined not to let her do so is touching the hearts of many on social media. It’s also giving people a good dose of heartfelt laughter.

Shared on yoga teacher Rachel Brathen’s personal Instagram handle named @yoga_girl, this video is a pure delight to watch.

The clip opens with Brathen meditating, while sitting on a yoga mat, and her little daughter standing behind her. As the clip progresses, the tiny tot tries everything to deter her mother from finishing the process.

Captioned, “Meditate, they said… It will be peaceful, they said,” Brathen shared the video and it has now left many amused.

Since being shared two days ago, the video has gathered over 1.8 lakh views and more than 25,000 likes. While many could relate to the antics of the little one, others were simply happy to see the wholesome content.

“My 3-year-old, every day,” wrote an Instagram user. “That giggle from both of you,” expressed another while sharing heart emojis. “Pure magical moment,” wrote a third. “This is such a happy video,” commented a fourth and it indeed is.

What do you think of the video?

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