New York state has avoided a repeat of April, but Covid-19 is closing in | Crain’s New York Business


In the past two months, the virus has crept into almost every corner of the country, finding unscathed populations as well as returning to the places where the pandemic began. In the Midwest, containment measures couldn’t shield Illinois, Michigan and other populous states from infections, which began surging around September in the Dakotas and Wisconsin.

The devastation of New York during the first wave of the pandemic has been unmatched, probably because of early impediments. Limited testing allowed the virus to ambush New York City’s health care system when there were few tools and a limited body of scientific research to combat the virus.

“The one thing we still see, thank God, is that the hospital admission situation and the intensive-care-unit situation is different than one would have expected and better than one would have expected,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday during a WNYC radio interview. “Our hospital situation is holding very well right now. Many fewer people needing ventilators, many fewer people passing away.”

The nation reported a record 218,268 cases Thursday, according to Johns Hopkins University data. The case data was artificially low during the Thanksgiving holiday due to limited lab staffing, and it recently has been swollen by a catch-up effect. But the more reliable seven-day average also reached a record of 179,398 Thursday.