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With gyms allowed to re-open from August 5 in Unlock 3.0, fitness centres and studios are geared up to welcome their members in a new world of fitness, that would include strict safety measures, social distancing, sanitisation, among others.

“Considering the future of fitness centres, we are proposing to open gym 24×7 to avoid crowd while generating employment in the current hit sector. With rigorous cleaning schedules, activity and equipment area shall be clearly marked to maintain social distancing,” says Pankaj Arora, managing director, Geospa fitness/Technogym (South Asia). He also adds, “Employees will be instructed to sanitise the equipments and changing rooms after every use along with monitoring temperature on daily basis.”

Pinning his hope on the government, Vikas Jain, managing director, Anytime Fitness India , says that a lot would depend on what’s allowed in the guidelines. He says, “Though a lot would depend on the government on how they allow us to operate or what norms would they allow us to follow. However, we have planned a few measures that includes limited to 60 / 90 minute sessions with sanitisation period in between, a limit on the maximum number of people inside a gym based on the sq.ft. area of the gym, no outside shoes allowed inside the gym.” Adding further, he elaborates that group workouts will not to be allowed and there will be restricted usage of restrooms and showers.

Sarvesh Shashi, founder, Sarva and Diva Yoga feels that ‘social distancing fitness’ is going to be the norm, until there’s a vaccine. “After four months its great that yoga institutes are being allowed to open up. As a responsible company we will ensure we abide by all the necessary safety measures and precautions mandated by the government. More than us as a business, members need to follow practices and take precautions,” he shares.

As staying fit and healthy is crucial for well being, Neha Motwani, co-founder and CEO of Fitternity says, “We are supporting our partner gyms and fitness studios to create strict safety guidelines and personalised technology based inventory mapping in order for them to operate at optimum capacity to ensure a safe working environment.”

But is it safe to return to the gym yet? Dr KK Aggarwal says, “Fitness is really important. If you can maintain cross ventilation then it is agreeable but it cannot it happen in an air conditioned atmosphere. Therefore, you’ll have to have an air purifier with portable plasma unit to kill the virus. Basically, there needs to in and out air, as recirculating of air is dangerous.”

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