What Is It, Benefits & 5 Poses For Beginners |


Face yoga’s main praise is its effects on the skin’s appearance—namely, tightening the skin and keeping it plump. By stimulating the blood flow in your face, the circulation can spur the production of collagen (which as we know keeps your skin looking firm and taut) and delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. One 2018 study even found that the daily exercise could reduce signs of facial aging, with improvements especially in upper and lower cheek fullness. 

You might be thinking: Isn’t constantly moving your face what causes those wrinkles? And you’re right—we emote quite a bit throughout the day, making the face a vulnerable spot for fine lines. But by intentionally toning those facial muscles, you can promote blood circulation in the skin and actually help tighten the area. “You’re not causing any unwanted wrinkles because you’re controlling the movement,” says Takatsu.

Even more so, the practice helps you become aware of those unconscious expressions you might not think twice about (like, say, a furrowed brow as you slouch over your desk). “I truly believe 20% of the benefits is the exercise itself, but 80% of the results come from the fact that you’re paying attention to your facial expressions throughout the day,” Takatsu explains. “You catch yourself tightening your shoulders or tensing the forehead.”